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Read / Write / Generate Excel XLSX XLS files

Excel Jetcell .NET

• File formats: Excel Spreadsheet XLSX, XLS, CSV.
• 100% managed .NET component.
• Doesn't require Microsoft Excel.
• High performance (~50000 records per second).
• Plain & Fair licensing.
• Royalty-Free. No extra cost for Server license.
• 6 Months: Free Support + Free Updates.
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Excel Jetcell .NET component

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May 20, 2016
Version 3.1 Update
Excel Jetcell .NET component
March 24, 2016
Version 3.1 Update
Excel Jetcell .NET component
January 29, 2016
Version 3.1 Update
Excel Jetcell .NET component
October 14, 2015
Version 3.1 Update
Excel Jetcell .NET component
March 03, 2015
Version 3.1 Update
Excel Jetcell .NET component
May 15, 2013
Version 3.1 Update
Excel Jetcell .NET component
November 15, 2012
Version 3.1 Update
Excel Jetcell .NET component

Excel Jetcell .NET

Excel Jetcell .NET is a professional, scalable & feature rich .NET component that allows developers to add the ability to create, generate, read and write Excel Spreadsheet files ( XLSX , XLS , CSV ) in ASP.NET applications or website projects (C#, VB.NET).

Key Features & API Functions

The set of API functions allows developers to read, write Excel data up to Excel Cell value and its styles, fonts, colors, borders etc. Also Excel Jetcell .NET has functions to get access to range of cells or whole Worksheet. The component can read, write data from Excel to DataTable and much more - all this without the need to use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office Automation.

Excel Jetcell .NET Features C# VB code & XLS Files
Various cell data types (numbers, strings, dates, floating point etc.) C# | VB.NET
Multiple Excel worksheets.
Number formatting (number,currency, date, time, fraction etc.)
Font formatting (size, color, font type, italic and strikeout properties, boldness, underlining, subscript and superscript).
Cell alignment (vertical, horizontal).
Excel spreadsheet Row height and Column width.
Cell styles (rotation, indentation, text wrapping).
Cell borders (color, style).
Cell Background and Fill Pattern.   
Merged Cells in Excel spreadsheet.
Rich Text for excel cells.
Excel Encryption / Decryption. C# | VB.NET
PASSWORD protection of Excel file.
Worksheet protection.
Hiding / Showing an excel worksheet.
The ability to hide and unhide Row/Column.
Calculation of math expressions. C# | VB.NET
Excel Formulas.
Unicode support, international characters. C# | VB.NET
Right-to-left text(Arabic).
Defined cell names.
Excel worksheet Headers/Footers.
Excel Panes.
Multithreading support.
Export data between Excel and DataTable. ASP.NET Online
Export Excel Sample
Excel files XSLX, XLS, CSV.
Export Excel to HTML.
Template support (create new workbooks using existing workbook as a template) C# | VB.NET

Easy to use API

Excel Jetcell .NET is designed and developed to provide with convenient object model and easy to use API. Caching also enables you to access Excel cells in a more natural way. The plain code will help a developer to manage any complex Excel spreadsheet.

C# code:

  1. // Create New Excel Workbook
  2. ExcelWorkbook Wbook = new ExcelWorkbook();
  3. ExcelCellCollection Cells = Wbook.Worksheets.Add("Sheet1").Cells;
  5. Cells["A1"].Value = "Excel writer example (C#)";
  6. Cells["A1"].Style.Font.Bold = true;
  7. Cells["B1"].Value = "=550 + 5";
  9. // Write Excel XLS file
  10. Wbook.WriteXLS("excel_net.xls");

VB.NET code:

  1. ' Create New Excel Workbook
  2. Dim Wbook As ExcelWorkbook = New ExcelWorkbook()
  3. Dim Cells As ExcelCellCollection = Wbook.Worksheets.Add("Sheet1").Cells
  5. Cells("A1").Value = "Excel writer example (C#)"
  6. Cells("A1").Style.Font.Bold = True
  7. Cells("B1").Value = "=550 + 5"
  9. ' Write Excel XLS file
  10. Wbook.WriteXLS("excel_net.xls")

Standalone .NET Component

Excel Jetcell .NET component requires only .NET Framework and is many times faster than Excel automation objects. The code of Excel Jetcell .NET component is fully managed and works under .NET Framework started from 2.0 version. Developers can create C# / VB.NET applications or deploy website on servers with medium-trust level without needing to rely on Microsoft Excel.

Clean Excel Object Tree

The Excel spreadsheet is represented as a tree structure. Root of the tree is an ExcelWorkbook class that has different Worksheets and so on:

FREE version!

Now developers can use the FREE version of Excel Jetcell .NET in their projects for any purposes:
  • Generate / Create Excel files.
  • Export database to Excel file.
  • Generate table data as Excel file.
  • Save report data.
Download FREE version

Supported Excel File Formats

Excel Jetcell .NET LITE version

PRO version is a full featured Excel component. In additional there is LITE version. Features that are not included in the LITE version:
  • Cell alignment
  • Cell background color
  • Complex formulas
LITE Developer License - $ 175


Royalty-Free agreement allows you to use Excel Jetcell .NET:
  • For unlimited number of projects.
  • With WinForm or Web applications.
  • In many Servers do you use.
  • You don't need to obtain the license for each customer.

HTML to Excel

The Html To Excel .NET is an extension of the Excel Jetcell .NET component. This componet contains all features needed to export Html to Excel.

Html To Excel .NET converter