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Read / View Excel files XLSX XLS CSV

Excel Reader .NET

• File formats: Excel Spreadsheet XLSX, XLS, CSV.
• 100% managed .NET component.
• Doesn't require Microsoft Excel.
• High performance (~50000 records per second).
• Plain & Fair licensing.
• Royalty-Free. No extra cost for Server license.
• 6 Months: Free Support + Free Updates.
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Excel Reader .NET component

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May 20, 2016
Version 3.1 Update
Excel Reader .NET component
January 24, 2016
Version 3.1 Update
Excel Reader .NET component
April 30, 2013
Version 3.1 Update
Excel Reader .NET component
December 09, 2012
Version 3.1 Update
Excel Reader .NET component
August 13, 2012
Version 3.1 Update
Excel Reader .NET component
June 08, 2012
Version 3.1 New Release!
Excel Reader .NET component
March 15, 2012
Version 2.8 Update
Excel Reader .NET component

Excel Reader .NET

Excel Reader .NET is a professional component that enables .NET developers to read Excel Spreadsheet files ( XLSX , XLS , CSV ) from .NET applications or website projects (C#, VB.NET). The Excel spreadsheet is represented as a tree structure. Root of the tree is an ExcelWorkbook object that has different Worksheets and so on.

Key Features & API Functions

The set of API functions allows developers to read Excel data up to Excel Cell value and its styles, fonts, colors, borders etc. Also Excel Reader .NET has functions to get access to range of cells or whole Worksheet. The component can export data from Excel to DataTable using corresponding function and much more - all this without the need to use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office Automation.

Excel Reader .NET Features Samples Code & Files
Various cell data types (numbers, strings, dates, floating point etc.) C# | VB.NET
Multiple worksheets.
Number formatting (number, currency, date, time, fraction etc.)
Font formatting (size, color, font type, italic and strikeout properties, boldness, underlining, subscript and superscript).
Cell alignment (vertical, horizontal).
Rich Text for worksheet cells.
Cell Background and Fill Pattern.    C# | VB.NET
Cell borders (color, style). C# | VB.NET
Merged cells.
Opens Excel files protected by PASSWORD. C# | VB.NET
Reads protected worksheets.
Reads hidden Excel Worksheets / Rows / Columns.
Export to DataTable. C# | VB.NET
CSV files (delimited with comma, tab, semicolon or any other separator).
Reading files XLSX, XLS. C# | VB.NET
ASP.NET online Web Demo. ASP.NET example
Open Excel files XLSX,XLS,CSV online.
Extra Options:
Right-to-left text(Arabic), Defined cell names, Excel worksheet headers and footers, Panes, Multithreading support.

Standalone .NET Component

Excel Reader .NET component requires only .NET Framework and is many times faster than Excel automation objects. The code of Excel Reader .NET component is fully managed and works under .NET Framework started from 2.0 version. Developers can create C# / VB.NET applications or deploy website on servers with medium-trust level without needing to rely on Microsoft Excel. Look at the following table.

Why Excel Reader .NET better than automation:

Excel Reader .NET MS Excel Automation
Excel Reader .NET doesn't require installed Microsoft Excel. Requires a license for Microsoft Excel on every client machine.
Excel Reader is a standalone .NET component taking 0.5 MB. Excel is loaded in the background, loading a large number of components and taking a time.
Excel Reader .NET is designed for processing large number of Excel files. Microsoft Excel was designed as UI application and because of that API is very slow.
Files generated with Excel Reader .NET are compatible with Excel 97, Excel 2000, Excel XP, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and OpenOffice. Requires that all client machines have the same version of Microsoft Excel installed.
Excel Reader is a pure .NET component. Microsoft Excel API is a COM library with bad integration with .NET Framework.

Clean Excel Object Tree

Easy to use API

Excel Reader .NET is designed and developed to provide with convenient object model and easy in use API.
Look at code(C#) below:

  1. // Open Excel spreadsheet
  2. ExcelWorkbook Wbook = ExceWorkbook.ReadXLS

  3. // Selection of worksheet
  4. ExcelWorksheet Wsheet = Wbook.Worksheets["Sheet1"];

  5. // Selection of Cell A5
  6. ExcelCell A5 =

  7. // Getting Cell attributes
  8. string s =
  9. Color color =

The plain code will help a developer to manage any complex Excel spreadsheet.

Supported Excel File Formats

License Advantages

Single Developer License - $ 95
  • Plain & Fair Licensing
  • Royalty-Free
  • No extra cost for Server license
  • 6 months Free Technical Support
  • 6 months Free Updates
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