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Export Excel To HTML for .NET

Excel To Html .NET

• Excel formats: Excel Spreadsheet XLSX, XLS, CSV.
• Resulted HTML file: File or Memory Stream.
• Doesn't require Microsoft Excel.
• Royalty-Free. No extra cost for Server license.
• 6 Months: Free Support + Free Updates.
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News & Releases

April 14, 2016
Version 2.1 Update
Excel To Html .NET converter
December 23, 2015
Version 2.1 Update
Excel To Html .NET converter
April 03, 2015
Version 2.1 Update
Excel To Html .NET converter
April 25, 2013
Version 2.1 Update
Excel To Html .NET converter
August 13, 2012
Version 2.1 New Release!
Excel To Html .NET converter
June 05, 2012
Version 2.0 New Release!
Excel To Html .NET converter
February 27, 2012
Version 1.5 Update
Excel To Html .NET converter

Prices and Licensing

Prices for Excel To Html .NET converter include:

  • Royalty-Free.
  • No extra cost for Server License.
  • 6 months Free Technical Support.
  • 6 months Free Updates.

Full Version Price* Purchase
PRO Developer Licenses $ 235 Buy now
LITE Developer License $ 175 Buy now
Site License $ 1250 Buy now
Source Code License $ 2350 Buy now

Updates & Support Price* Purchase
Update to the Latest PRO Version $ 95 Buy now
Update to the Latest PRO Version $ 75 Buy now
Upgrade from LITE to PRO License

* To see a price in other currency, click on "Buy now" link and select your currency.

Developer License

Every developer working with converter Excel To Html .NET needs to be covered with LITE or PRO developer license.

LITE Developer License

LITE version of converter Excel To Html .NET shares the same Excel To Html engine and features but with following limitations:

  • Developer has no access to Worksheets of Excel file.
  •  Excel spreadsheet can not be changed.
Users of the LITE version are entitled to the PRO version (see Upgrade to PRO Developer License).

Site Wide License

This license allows to use converter Excel To Html .NET on an unlimited number of computers at a single company (location that has unique postal address).

Source Code License

Source Code License includes the Site Wide License. Source Code can be used only for development:

  • Including the code into your project instead of .dll library.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Own improvement of the component.
Note that you can not use the source code to develop a competing product and that after you purchase source code there is no money refund. The Source Code is not for distribution.

High-priority Support

In addition to our standard technical support, which all users automatically receive, customers can order high-priority technical support. Benefits of high-priority technical support:

  • Prompt reply from technical support service: one day instead of the standard three working days Technical support even during off hours.
  • Free upgrades on purchased software within 1 year.
  • Development of additional features that improve usability and quality of the software.


Developer License includes free updates during 6 months. If a customer want to get the latest version of the component after 6 months, he should buy "Update to the Latest Version" License.

LITE to PRO Upgrade

Developers who already have LITE version can upgrade it upto the PRO version with extra features.

Volume Discount

We offer discounts on volume orders.

Volume Discount
2-4 15%
5 and above 25%


Royalty-Free agreement allows you to use Excel To Html .NET converter:
  • For unlimited number of projects.
  • With WinForm or Web applications.
  • In many Servers do you use.
  • You don't need to obtain the license for each customer.

Sales Questions

If you have questions regarding the purchasing process, we ready to assist you.

Contact us by email
support @ devtriogroup.com

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