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Export Html To Excel files XLS, XSLX

Html To Excel .NET

• HTML documents with CSS styles.
• Excel formats: Excel Spreadsheet XLSX, XLS, CSV.
• Doesn't require Microsoft Excel.
• Royalty-Free. No extra cost for Server license.
• 6 Months: Free Support + Free Updates.
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News & Releases

April 05, 2016
Version 2.1 Update
Html To Excel .NET converter
December 23, 2015
Version 2.1 Update
Html To Excel .NET converter
February 12, 2015
Version 2.1 Update
Html To Excel .NET converter
May 02, 2013
Version 2.1 Update
Html To Excel .NET converter
December 12, 2012
Version 2.1 Update
Html To Excel .NET converter
August 11, 2012
Version 2.1 Update
Html To Excel .NET converter
June 07, 2012
Version 2.1 New Release!
Html To Excel .NET converter

Html To Excel .NET

Converter Html To Excel .NET contains all the features needed to export Html to Excel from .NET applications and website projects (C# VB.NET). The converter replaces whole Html document and its formatting on the table of Excel spreadsheet automaticaly adjust cell heights and widths. Also Html To Excel converter has capability to read / edit / write Excel files ( XLSX , XLS , CSV ).

Key Features & API Functions

Accurate output is the most important thing at export Html to Excel. The resulting Excel XLS or XLSX files are equal to the source Html file with all the cells, images and symbols. Html To Excel .NET converter helps to export template of HTML table to Excel file that can be edited at developer's discretion. The set of API functions allows developers to manipulate with Excel data up to Excel Cell value and its styles, fonts, colors, borders etc.

Converting Features
Export HTML files to Excel Files XLS, XLSX, CSV
Creating a strong copy of HTML table
Preservation of formatting of source HTML files

Document Features
Different Excel formats: XLS, XSLX, CSV
Load and Save CSV files delimited with comma, tab, semicolon or any other separator
Find and Replace data in Workbook
Preserve Pictures and Charts

Worksheet Features
Create and access Worksheet
Move a Worksheet to a specific location in the Workbook
Set the name of Worksheet
Freeze Panes
Page Breaks and Settings
Set Headers and Footers
Adjust Row Height according to your desire
Adjust Column Width as required
Insert or Delete Rows and Columns
Access any Cell in the worksheet
Add data to desired Cells at runtime
Retrieve data from cells according to their data types
Address to Cell Range

Formatting Features
Apply different Styles on the Cells
Copy Styles
Apply Number Format Settings for the Cells
Format Cell as a Date
Custom Formatting of the Cells
Set Text Alignment
Set Text Rotation and Direction in the Cells
Merge multiple Cells into single one
Unmerge the Cells
Apply different kinds of Font Settings for the Cells
Apply different Colors to Cells, Fonts, Gridlines, Fill to Drawings.
Set Rich Text in a Single Cell
Apply different Border Settings on Cells
Apply different Background Patterns on Cells
Apply Format Settings on a Row or Column

Advance Features
Supports Formula Calculations using robust Formula Calculation Engine
Create and change Hyperlink (URL, FilePath, email etc.)
Preservation of different kinds of Charts
Supporting of Custom Charts
Preservation of Pictures
Add Pictures to Worksheets at runtime

Standalone .NET Component

  • 100% managed .NET component.
  • Requires only .NET framework 2.0 or higher.
  • Doesn't require Microsoft Excel.
  • Works on servers with medium-trust level.
  • Works well with web and desktop applications.

Converting Schema

Supported file formats, HTML & Excel documents, converting capabilities of Html To Excel .NET converter.

Html To Excel .NET PRO version

Html to Excel .NET converter is presented as a LITE and PRO versions. PRO version opens all features of Excel .NET engine that allows to:
  • Read / Write / Edit Excel files
  • Excel Files: XLS, XSLX, CSV
  • Import / Export Excel data to DataTable (data base)

License Advantages

Price List
  • Plain & Fair Licensing
  • Royalty-Free
  • No extra cost for Server license
  • 6 months Free Technical Support
  • 6 months Free Updates
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