.NET component
Reads Word Documents DOC DOCX RTF

Word Reader .NET

• File Formats: Word Document DOC, DOCX, RTF.
• High performance (~50 paragraphs per second).
• Does not require Microsoft Word.
• Royalty-Free. No extra cost for Server license.
• 6 Months: Free Support + Free Updates.
Evaluation Version
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Developer License - $95
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Word Reader .NET component

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News & Releases

May 11, 2016
Version 2.4 Update
Word Reader .NET component
February 01, 2016
Version 2.4 Update
Word Reader .NET component
May 13, 2013
Version 2.4 Update
Word Reader .NET component
April 05, 2013
Version 2.4 New Release!
Word Reader .NET component
March 21, 2013
Version 2.3 Update
Word Reader .NET component
March 09, 2013
Version 2.3 New Release!
Word Reader .NET component
February 20, 2013
Version 2.2 New Release!
Word Reader .NET component

User Experience

"I've received the full version. How do I set the license code now?"
Patricia D. Keller
"Can you help me to get elements of certain list? I have sublists in the main list. I need to determine that the paragraph is in the inner list."
Rickie Porter
"I have a question regarding how to retrieve merged cells in the table. Is there the way to know either the cell is merged with another one by horisontal or by vertical?"
David Rodrigez

Online Demo

The demo converts customer Word file into the HTML document with formatting.

Sample Code

Samples are the fastest way to get started with Word Reader .NET component.

User Experience

Here we public different tasks that users have resolved with help of Word Reader .NET component.

DTG.WordDocument Namespace

Word Reader .NET provides very simple API for developers that are very easy to learn and use.