.NET component
Creates Word files DOC, DOCX, RTF

Word Writer .NET

• File Formats: Word Document DOC, DOCX, RTF.
• High performance (~50 paragraphs per second).
• Does not require Microsoft Word.
• Royalty-Free. No extra cost for Server license.
• 6 Months: Free Support + Free Updates.
Evaluation Version
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Developer License - $95
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Word Writer .NET component

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News & Releases

May 11, 2016
Version 2.4 New Release!
Word Writer .NET component
April 28, 2013
Version 2.4 New Release!
Word Writer .NET component
April 01, 2013
Version 2.3 New Release!
Word Writer .NET component
March 12, 2013
Version 2.2 New Release!
Word Writer .NET component
February 02, 2013
Version 2.1 New Release!
Word Writer .NET component
January 05, 2013
Version 2.0 New Release!
Word Writer .NET component


All versions of Word Writer .NET component come in the ZIP archive (.zip). It allows to easily install / uninstall the component. To install Word Writer .NET Trial download the component package from the following link and extract it to the disk:

Download Word Writer .NET Trial


  • Different symbols are intentionally placed in text at random locations.
  • The informational message about using a trial version appears on the first page.

Word Writer .NET Trial version has the same performance and set of features as the Full version. However, above limitations are enforced during reading Word files.

First Steps

Word Writer .NET component is very easy in use.

  • Open a new project or your existing project.
  • In Solution Explorer right click "References" -> "Add Reference".
  • Add reference to Docs.Word.dll
  • Add "using Docs.Word;" namespace ("Imports" in VB).
  • Use the following code to read / write Word file:

Code Samples

Samples are the fastest way to get started with Word Writer .NET component. Here are the best for getting started:

Also visit the samples collection and find other features of the word api for both C# and VB.NET languages:

Samples Collection

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Learning Resources

Learn more about Word Writer .NET:
Learning Reasources

Code Examples are a practical way to quickly learn the basics and advanced level features of Word Writer .NET component.